Staging the Look

Earlier this year I spent some time in the recording studio with Sylvia Rosenblum, host of Arts Wednesday on Eastside Radio. We talked about the way that film and stage productions costume their cast to represent a particular period. There are 7 episodes, each about 12 minutes long. You can listen to them in podcast form, either on the Eastside Radio website or through iTunes Apple Podcasts.

If your interest is in general fashion history, we did end up chatting quite a lot about that. We did our best to continue returning the conversation to how those fashions get translated in the process of modern visual storytelling, but it’s so hard not to meander off on all the paths that present themselves. We covered things like changing skirt shapes and lengths, the meanings conveyed by a hairstyle, the invention of trousers and the contrast between a military-influenced suit and a zoot suit, gloves, hats, corsets, knickers and all sorts of other things.

The episodes are: Introduction/Fundamental Shapes/Underwear/Hair/Men/Accoutrements/Wrapping it Up.

You can find Staging the Look here.

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