More Books

Here are some books in which I have a chapter.

On innovative methods for teaching Shakespeare to students and novice actors, “Teaching with Cue Scripts: Making the Most of Fear in the Student Actor”, in this book:

Book cover showing painting of a man in explorer garb with a large, diverse pack of items, and the text "Teaching Shakespeare Beyond the Centre: Australasian Perspectives".

Teaching Shakespeare Beyond the Centre

On a feminist way to look at the presentation and reception of Shakespeare’s female characters (with a focus on Measure for Measure and Troilus and Cressida).

FCS cover

On the usefulness of guided play in children’s development, with reference to some of my testing out of working on Shakespeare with primary school age children (co-written with Marilyn Fleer):

Book cover, red. Text: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Play

Cultural Development of the Child in Role-Play

On some women who are currently directing Shakespeare in a variety of different theatrical situations:

Book cover showing the Sanders Portrait of Shakespeare.

Revisionism or Fresh Vision?

On the imperative towards happy endings in children’s narrative (co-written with Georgina Ledvinka):

Orange book cover showing Magritte painting of a glass of water balancing on an umbrella.

And They All Lived Happily Ever After

On the way is a new edition of Much Ado About Nothing that I am very much looking forward to seeing in print.