My Videos

I have a YouTube channel focussing on Early Modern Drama. It’s easy to find because all you have to do is search my name: Anna Kamaralli, or if you’re telling someone about it and you can’t remember exactly how to spell my peculiar surname, you can search for the title of the series: “All Strut, No Fret“.

The core series is a guide to understanding Shakespeare. These videos are best viewed in order, as they work through the steps I have put together to help people develop the skills to read Shakespeare and understand what they’re looking at. These are tools, not rules, and I’m not telling you what the plays mean, I’m showing you how to go about approaching them by breaking down the process of reading them into a series of simple questions to ask yourself as you go.

They come in sets of 3, each episode roughly 10 minutes long, and each set covering one play. This is the order to watch:

  • Henry V
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Twelfth Night

There will be episodes on Titus Andronicus, Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth next, with more to follow.

The next series is a bit more basic and frivolous. I call it One Shots, and in those videos I simply recount the plot of a lesser-known Early Modern play in one take. I hope these will be useful for people who have heard of a play and are wondering if there is a simple way to find out what it is about. I’d be very happy to take requests for plays you would like to see here.

Because these ones are just me chatting to the camera until I get to the end of the story they vary absurdly in length.

The shortest so far has been Dr Faustus:

And the longest, The Rover:

An additional series, which I’m calling Bits & Business, is a bit more flexible in content. These are very short videos showing you how to use a particular prop, or wear or make a costume, or perform an action that might be useful to you on stage. Again, happy to look at requests.

Lastly, there are my #Shorts offering you #Shakespeare in just the #BestBits. What are your favourite moments?