One Villainous Scene

YouTuber Nando v Movies is the innovator behind a fabulous series of event playlists, where he invited video essayists to choose one scene in a movie or series to analyse, and speak to its virtues. Previous years have seen “One Marvellous Scene” and “One X-cellent Scene“. This time around it’s “One Villainous Scene”, that is, what one scene encapsulates what makes a particular villain thrilling and memorable? What scene gets to the heart of who they are, or what they contribute to making the story great?

Shakespeare, of course, wrote sensational villains, and is one of very few writers daring enough to make the villain the protagonist.

This is my contribution to the theme: 12-ish minutes on why Richard III fans should know about Richard’s appearance in Henry VI, which is where we meet him first, and where his character is established.

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