Shakespeare Memorial Lecture

For those within coo-ee of Sydney, a free, public event that will get us all talking. Director Kate Gaul will deliver the annual Shakespeare Memorial Lecture at the Reginald Theatre at the Seymour Centre on Thursday 29th September. Tickets are free, but it’s a small theatre so please book at this link. This is going […]

One Musical Scene

YouTuber Nando v Movies is still bringing it, with his series of event playlists proposing a theme for video essayists to analysis an aspect of movies and other shows. Previous years have seen “One Marvellous Scene“, “One X-cellent Scene“, and last year, “One Villainous Scene“, which was the first time I attempted a contribution (on […]

An Arts-Led Recovery

We’re all at a point now where healing has to be the concept that rules all others. Healing the environment, healing those who have become not just acutely but chronically ill from a disease we don’t yet know enough about, healing the grieving. Creative expression and the Arts forge connections among people, and connection is […]