Podcasts: Shakespeare’s Women

Recently I was delighted to spend some time in the recording studio with Sylvia Rosenblum, of Eastside Radio’s Arts Wednesday program, chatting about Shakespeare’s Women. We put together six ten-to-twelve minute episodes, broken down into: Shakespeare’s World, IngĂ©nues and Witty Wenches, Queens, the Lower Classes, Shrews, and Magical Daughters. Now the full series has gone […]

Podcasts: On Dramaturgy

What on earth is Dramaturgy? I got to discuss this elusive but crucial aspect of theatremaking with a couple of exceptionally qualified people, who really, really love it. Anthea Williams is the Associate Director (Literary) with Belvoir Street Theatre and James Evans is the Resident Artist for Education with Bell Shakespeare. The Dramaturg is responsible for […]

In conversation with Damien Ryan on Shakespeare’s ‘other’ plays

Damien Ryan is Artistic Director of Sport for Jove theatre company, and currently deep in rehearsals directing Hamlet, to be staged by Bell Shakespeare. He took time out from thinking about Shakespeare’s most high-profile play to talk to me about the plays Shakespeare wrote that we don’t get the chance to see on stage so […]