One Musical Scene

YouTuber Nando v Movies is still bringing it, with his series of event playlists proposing a theme for video essayists to analysis an aspect of movies and other shows. Previous years have seen “One Marvellous Scene“, “One X-cellent Scene“, and last year, “One Villainous Scene“, which was the first time I attempted a contribution (on Richard III).

This time around it’s “One Musical Scene”. That is, not scenes from a musical (or not necessarily), but how music is used in a scene in a way that elevates the material. Here is the full playlist.

Despite being in possession of many opinions on musicals and the filming of musicals, I decided to stick with my Shakespeare theme. When I saw the topic my mind instantly recoiled a clear three decades, and landed on Kenneth Branagh’s first feature film, his 1989 Henry V. That fully 5-minute long tracking shot of the aftermath of the battle of Agincourt, no dialogue, just allowing the hymn to frame the vastness of the wreckage, was masterful and unforgettable. Here’s my walk-through of how Patrick Doyle’s music made the scene:

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