Making a Multi-Purpose Chemise

Where have I been since my last post? Nowhere, and also deep down a sewing rabbit-hole.

Depending on where you are in the world you may or may not be aware that Sydney is on lockdown again, and it’s also the middle of winter, so all recreation is home recreation for us. To keep myself busy I started by sorting my fabric stash, whereupon I discovered some very fine and soft muslin I don’t remember buying.

If we are ever allowed to go to public events again I will seize the chance to wear my lovely medieval linen, and I have been lacking a suitable chemise to put under it, so I thought at first of making a simple shift. However, the quality of my fabric was just so divine that I felt it deserved to be an outerwear garment. My compromise (or you might say win-win) was to make something approximating a chemise à la reine.

This diagram shows how I went about cutting up my fabric.

The construction couldn’t be simpler, but it’s still a bit of a time sink because of the sheer quantity of fabric to sew – all those gathers gotta come from somewhere!

Click through for the how-to video:

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