Further Away from the Fourteenth Century

“One of the nice things about Time, Crowley always said, was that it was steadily taking him further away from the Fourteenth Century.” – Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Perspective: it is the thing we need, and the thing most commonly offered by arbitrary markers like the end of a calendar year. Just as it is always Martini Hour somewhere in the world, there is always someone for whom the year that was has been the worst year. If this past year is genuinely distinctive in that it has torn away the insulation from more people than any other individual year before now, that is now something that can be used to build things in a better way. That does make this year remarkable, perhaps unprecedented.

Being, above all other things, a live theatre person, I hope that everything we have learned this year about accessibility, digital screening and so many other exciting and valuable aspects to recording, archiving and disseminating live performance around the world and on demand will not mean losing sight of what makes performance in a shared moment of time and space so special. Like the broader issues of valuing the arts and higher education, that remains to be seen.

One thing that makes this year exactly the same as every one, is that it’s time to look after each other.

The other nice thing about Time is that it is always taking me a bit closer to the next Martini Hour. Happy New Year!

One thought on “Further Away from the Fourteenth Century

  1. Well, if I am any index: I miss trips to the cinema intensely. I will be there the second it’s safe to go again (or I get a vaccination and it is working). So I am pretty sure live theatre will come back somehow. Happy New Year!

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