History of Women on Stage

I’m so delighted to say that the Handbook of the History of Women on Stage is finally out in print.

It’s a behemoth, and as is always the way with such things, completely unaffordable for the average individual. However, I do hope that if you have an institutional affiliation you will order it in, and if not that you try requesting it from your local public library.

My chapter, as the Australian representative, is on race and casting practice in Australasian productions of Shakespeare. But it really is staggeringly comprehensive, covering a couple of thousand years and countries including, but not limited to, Greece, Italy, Britain, Canada, USA, South Africa, Russia and Japan. The authors represented are also a wonderful mix of academics and theatre practitioners, with plenty who demonstrate the futility of the distinction.

Cover shows Carolyne as Ariel in the San Vittore Globe Theatre production of Le Tempeste, photograph by Marcia Moretti

Browse the Contents here.

You can order the book from the publisher here.

Only a portion of the contributors

3 thoughts on “History of Women on Stage

  1. Mazel tov on the publication!

    The only thing I know about Australia and Shakespeare is that the guy who coached George VI to speak without stuttering was Australian and supposedly he never on got on stage in Shakespeare productions in London b/c they looked down upon his accent. Or I may be remembering that wrong? Or it may be a myth.

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