Much Ado About Nothing for players

It is a thrill beyond description that my edition of Much Ado About Nothing for Arden Performance Editions is now available. The concept behind the Performance Editions is to produce a script that is rehearsal-room friendly. The notes are kept as succinct as possible, and on the facing page to the text, so that an actor holding it in hand can glance across and not miss a beat. There are guidelines to the scansion throughout, and some reflections on the dramaturgical structure in the Introduction.

Getting to know such a play this intimately is a privilege. I thought I knew it well, but kept finding new revelations in the text, over the the course of roughly a year I was working on the notes. I only became more and more convinced of this play’s value as part of the conversation about how men and women can work through the harm of their socialisation to mistrust each other, in order to earn a genuine love.

Book cover showing an Italian landscape seen through a casement window.

You can order a copy here. You don’t want the e-book, by the way, you want the paperback. It’s designed for you to scribble notes all over it. Underline the dirty jokes, or read it aloud with friends and drink every time someone makes a reference to cuckolds. There are so many possibilities. Let me know what you think of it, or the other Arden Performance Editions in the comments below.

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