Quick Link: On Dramaturgy

Pile of published playtexts.

raw material

Last week I hosted the Arts Friday program for the community radio station where I work, Eastside Radio. (Most of the time I am backstage there, but I like to do a show every now and then, when they need someone to cover, as it keeps me in the zone of remembering what we’re all about.)

I was very lucky to get hold of Anthea Williams, Associate Director and Literary Manager of Belvoir Street Theatre, and James Evans, Resident Artist in Education with Bell Shakespeare as guests, so we had a fantastic discussion about Dramaturgy. With Anthea the focus was mostly on developing and curating new work, with James it was mainly on translating classical texts to the modern stage, although we also talked about verse speaking and education.

When I get the chance I will pull out and edit up the interviews and put them up here as podcasts, but in the meantime this link takes you to where you can play back the full episode on the Eastside Radio website.

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