Paper, Screen and the Eye

Very preliminary reports are starting to come in on the difference between screen and paper reading. This article in Scientific American, by Ferris Jabr, touches on many of the issues we are going to have to take a position on, as we make decisions about when and to what extent to use screen devices instead of hardcopy texts.

It considers, among other things, what areas of the brain are involved in processing reading, what the current research is telling us about how people absorb and respond to screen versus paper writing, and whether screen text needs to imitate page text at all. An excellent starter for a hundred conversations we need to have.


One thought on “Paper, Screen and the Eye

  1. Thanks, I missed that when it came out. One of my favorite things is comics, esp editorial or political cartooning. If someone mentions a comic or a theme, I can generally find a, or the, relevant comic on my bookshelf in moments. I can find any doonesbury comic quicker on my bookshelf than an online archive. Many of the cues mentioned in that article ring true to me, the position on the page and the within the text all help me locate what I am looking for.
    Ta and tootle pip

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